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Recognized worldwide as a leader in the lime and limestone industry, Carmeuse takes great pride and care in providing high-performance, cost-effective, and environmental friendly benefits to its customers, its stakeholders and the communities around us.

Globally, lime and Limestone are used in many leading industrial business sectors, producing products and services that reach and affect consumers in a variety of positive and valuable ways.
It is for this reason that Carmeuse pays critical attention to standard global protocols in managing its business and has consistently conformed to the criteria and requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
Currently, in most of Carmeuse’s plants, we are in full compliance with:

  • ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems Standards
  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Standards

Together, these two standards are intended to enhance customer satisfaction (9001) and to minimize harmful effects on the environment (14001).

Customer satisfaction and respect for the environment are at the heart of Carmeuse’s own business values and disciplines. Therefore, conformance to ISO requirement further endorses this with our customers, stakeholders and the communities around us.
Secondly, as a global company with a broad geographic network of production facilities, Carmeuse is always striving for the highest levels of efficiency, continuity, and integration of its Quality and Environmental Management Systems. Crossfertilization and teamwork enables Carmeuse’s employees to interact and share experiences, best practices, and essential knowledge across all plants.
Finally, by complying with ISO standards and requirements, and particularly through the sharing of experiences and knowledge, Carmeuse employees remain in a progressive process of developing and improving their skills, abilities and level of commitment in the workplace—delivering quality products and services, sustaining the economic growth of the company, and respecting the environment is the responsibility of each and every employee.

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