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Our second photovoltaic field inauguration

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Friday 10th of May 2019 – Official Earth Overshoot Day. This means that on this date human actions will have led to using more from the nature resources than its capacity to regenerate those resources for the year in course. A worrying trend that seems to be increasing year by year.

But we try not to pass by passively. At Carmeuse, over the years we tried to give back to the nature what we took from it and had numerous sustainability actions in this respect. This year, we are happy to announce the inauguration of our second photovoltaic field of 8800 panels – an initiative that coincided with the Earth Overshoot Day. The investment of 2.7 million euros, in photovoltaics, was done at our Aisemont site in Belgium and will allow to self-produce 15% of our daily electricity consumption for the site.

In total, both Carmeuse photovoltaic sites will allow to avoid  the emission of 2.134 tons of CO2, the equivalent of what can be assimilated annually to a 214 ha forest. One small step for humanity, but an important leap in changing mindsets and encouraging more sustainable actions in valuing and keeping alive our resources.

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