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Carmeuse actively participates in a large-scale project to develop quarry biodiversity

IN Sustainability

This project also includes several Walloon careers and is supported by the European Commission. The aim is to show how to maintain and facilitate the development of rare species naturally present in active quarries. During the next 4 months, we will present 5 capsules illustrating the actions possible to manage the biodiversity. All these actions are put in place in our Belgian quarries. We are convinced that this project is a step towards a real symbiosis between Man and Nature.

Episode 1: "the scree"

Through limited investment, quarries, and especially scree, can play a decisive role in the preservation of endangered species. Carmeuse develops several projects of natural scree.


Episode 2: "pioneer ponds"

Creation and dynamic management of temporary ponds allows the development of amphibians such as the Natterjack Toad and Midwife toad as well as dragonflies and Characeae algae.


Episode 3: "loose cliffs"

In active quarries, loose cliffs offer substitution habitats for Sand Martins and also allow the development of solitary bees populations.


Episode 4: "shelters & screes"

The creation of new screes and the installation of shelters will create favourables habitats for cavernicolous species, establish ecological corridors and provide a support for the scree vegetation.


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