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European Minerals Day

European Minerals Days

This initiative by the European minerals sector and related organizations gives the general public the opportunity to explore the world of minerals and discover more about an industry that affects every aspect of our lives. In 2013, 113 sites organized more than 170 events in 20 European countries and 11 events in the rest of the world.
Carmeuse participates in the project by opening quarries to let the public discover the mining world. It is also an opportunity to make local authorities and the neighborhood aware of our industry by showing our responsible behavior, our willingness to protect the environment and the development of innovative technologies.
The first Minerals Days organized at Carmeuse occurred in 2007. Since then, the company has always wanted to continue this European project. In 2013, four quarries opened their doors: Moha (Belgium), Les Aucrais (France), Trebejov (Slovakia) and Doboj (Bosnia).
In Doboj, the event was organized with 50 children from a local school. After a presentation of our activities, the children visited the quarry. An explanation of the production process and the importance of minerals helped them understand our industry.
Recreational activities, such as a bag race, painting on a wall and planting trees, were also organized. The latter is a playful way to make them aware of the importance of our environmental commitment.

Their tour ended with awards for the winners and a little gift for everyone to remind them of Carmeuse’s Minerals Days.

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