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Code d'Ethique

Nous assumons nos responsabilitiés de manière collective et individuelles. Nous nous engageons sur ce qui fait sens les uns vis à vis des autres mais aussi par rapport aux personnes qui nous entourent et aves lesquelles nous interagissons.


Carmeuse is a Responsible company


Responsibility to Improve our work environment

Carmeuse constantly strives to find new ways of improving the health & safety of its employees


Carmeuse is a Sustainable company


Acting as a sustainable partner and employer

Our employees are our most valuable assets and we care about their development. Carmeuse is always committed to give back to nature what has been borrowed. We are looking for the best available technologies to maximize the efficiency or resources usage, while minimizing waste.


Carmeuse is a Respectful company


Respect for Human Rights, equality of employment and diversity

Carmeuse is committed to the principle of treating each stakeholder with respect and dignity according to the local laws and regulations where we do business.


Carmeuse is an Integer company


Integrity in our business decisions/ Conduct our business with integrity

All our decisions are driven by our five strong values: long term, customer focus, respect, efficiency, responsibility.

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