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Neighbour relationships

 Carmeuse places a high value on both people and its relationship with local communities.



We are careful to develop long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with them. In some countries, neighbor committee meetings occur several times a year and are an opportunity to discuss environmental aspects, listen to remarks and find solutions. We present new projects and organize visits of the plants, which helps neighbors understand our industry. In order to develop a trustworthy relationship, we show that we care about their concerns and look for solutions when necessary. For example, neighbors are often worried about the impact of our quarrying activities on the landscape. Our answer consists in implementing sustainable projects for the restoration of our quarries and the development of biodiversity.


 As for technical aspects, we take several measures to preserve the surroundings of our plants:

  • We control blasting vibrations.
  • We implement programs to maintain air quality.
  • Dust emission can be minimized by different means: spraying products and roads, drilling with suction systems, having hooded conveyors and housings around crushing and processing units.

  • Minimizing noise can be done by building a berm between the quarry and the houses, insulating the installations, replacing the traditional ear-splitting reverse horn by a softer horn that can be heard within the close surroundings of the truck and preventive maintenance of the installations by our staff.

All these aspects are typically discussed during neighbor committee meetings.

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