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Flue Gas Cleaning

Controlling industry’s air emissions

Power generation, Energy-from-Waste & Biomass and industrial plants in sectors such as cement, glass and steel face regulatory pressure to clean up their chimney stacks’ fumes. Carmeuse ensures the smooth running of Flue Gas Cleaning systems worldwide by supplying quality reagents and sorbents to capture polluting gases, thanks to CleanCalco® family products.

As a result of ever tighter regulations at EU, state or regional levels, industrial plants in many different sectors must now clean up their stack emissions by installing flue gas cleaning systems. The challenge for operators is to make these systems as efficient as possible, calling on limestone & lime-based reagents that are fully available and compliant with design specifications.

Carmeuse is the world’s premier reagent supplier. It delivers more than 5 million tons of quality reagents every year, which help to capture some 4 million tons of polluting gases. It also works with customers to deliver ready-to-use tailor-made sorbents. The company’s Application Technology Europe division also offers full support to customers’ operations, from validating new product to optimizing Flue Gas Cleaning.


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