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Roadways, parking lots, embankments, levees, airport runways, land development for new homes, malls or industrial parks….Lime is essential to civil engineers and contractors as they build the world around us. 

Lime for Soil Improvement and Subgrade Stabilization

Kimtas lime presents a superior solution for the challenges facing design engineers and contractors building roadways, airfields, parking lots, embankments and facing difficult working conditions from wet and weak soil.  Lime does this by quickly drying overly wet soil and improving soil strength and other soil properties.

Additionally, lime can be used to stabilize soil containing clay.  Lime stabilization generates a long term pozzolanic strength-gaining reaction between lime and the silica and alumina minerals solubilized at high pH from the clay, forming calcium silicates and calcium aluminates. When lime stabilized soil is used under pavement, this long term strength increase can allow for thickness reductions in overlying pavement layers (base course, asphalt), helping to further reduce construction costs.

Kimtas lime products for soil improvement includes:

  • Viacalco ®  (lime solutions for soil treatment and stabilization of embankments)


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