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Chemical Grade Limestone

Made from high quality, natural deposits of limestone, and meeting exacting chemical and physical properties, Kimtas has chemical grade limestone products that provide high-performance, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly attributes and benefits for steel making and flue gas desulfurization.

Chemical Grade Limestone

Kimtas’s chemical grade limestone has high, specific levels of Calcium Oxide (Cao), Magnesium Oxide (MgO), or both.

Additionally, chemical grade limestone has a high level of purity in that it contains very low levels of residuals typically found in limestone composites such as, silica, clay, organic matter, iron oxide, and siliceous skeletal fragments.

The optimum chemistry and purity of chemical grade limestone makes it ideal for flue gas desulphurization and steel making, both of which require exacting specifications. 

Chemical Grade Limestone is used in the following industrial applications: Iron & Steel Industry, FGD

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