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Kimtas commits to its employees health and safety, to engage with our stakeholders by building long-term relationships and to the development of its teams.

Health & Safety

Kimtas is a dynamically proactive company in regards to Health & Safety.  

Viewed as a cornerstone for a sustainable working environment, health and safety initiatives at Kimtas have inspired Safety First and Always as one of its five leadership principles.

The prevailing mantra and creed rising from Kimtas’s culture of safety is, “Nothing we do is worth getting injured”.

Basically, Kimtas and its employees aspire to a zero tolerance mindset towards ever having an employee get injured, in even the slightest way.


Kimtas prides itself on developing long term and mutually beneficial relationships with its stakeholders.

Kimtas employees and their families, customers, suppliers, business associates, social networks, civil services, volunteers, schools, NGO’s, government organizations, and legislators, all make up the broad community of stakeholders that Kimtas embraces and serves.


Without question, the overriding dynamic for Kimtas and its stakeholders are the wealth of “Relationships” that transpire and are enjoyed by all.

In most countries where we are present, Kimtas has “Neighbor Committees” that meet on a regular basis to offer support for local issues.

Kimtas supports local schools, educational, social, recreational and community programs and often invites children to tour our facilities to educate them on our industry.  


In different locations where Kimtas is present, partnerships have been developed with local NGO’s to contribute to an improved environment.


Case study - European Minerals Days




Kimtas promotes and supports the constant development and personal improvement of its employees.

By doing so, employees are empowered to be the best they can in terms of personal growth, perform for the company to the best of their abilities and serve our customers in the best way they can. 

The most fundamental way that this is achieved is through providing exhaustive employee training across a broad range of skill sets and distinctive responsibilities in core business areas.

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