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Recognized as a worldwide leader in the production of lime and limestone products, Kimtas provides high-performance, cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions for a broad range of applications, in a diverse range of industrial, commercial and environmental applications.

Due to its particular chemical characteristics, lime is extensively used in several industries and is therefore important to many aspects of people’s every-day lives:

Iron and steel markets

  • Converting iron ore to pig iron; as flux agents in primary furnace operations, and refractory sustainability

Construction and building markets

  • We offer ViaCalco® products solutions for soil treatment and stabilization of embankments,
  • Fine-sized limestone fillers for roofing membranes, carpets, bricks and dry mortar mixes,
  • PremiaCal® , engineered fine limestone, for concrete;
  • Aggregates for embankments; armourstones for inland waterways and harbors; and ballast for railways.
  • We recommend our well-established ranges for the building industry SuperCalco® , hydrated lime solutions for mortars, plasters and renders; quick lime in masonry elements as AAC and silicate bricks.

Water, waste and flue gas cleaning markets

  • Carmeuse ensures the smooth running of Flue Gas Cleaning systems worldwide by supplying quality reagents and sorbents to capture polluting gases,  thanks to CleanCalco® family products
  • We provide specialized products and processes for drinking water treatment. These may also be used in treating or purifying water/wastewater in industrial processes or wastewater and sludge from municipalities
  • The company helps you dealing with contaminated soils and polluted sites.

Agriculture, food and feed markets

  • Kimtas advises farmers on optimizing production using our Calne products family and on taking care of their cattle using Caldez Disinfectant.
  • Food firms rely on Kimtas technology for products like cheese, candy and ice cream through to soft drinks, beer, baby milk and food supplements.
  • We can provide quicklime, calcium carbonate and dolomite for industry sectors such as the production of sugar and fertilizers.

Manufacturing markets

  • Paper and Pulp - PCC or precipitated calcium carbonate is used in order to maximize paper’s whiteness, opacity and consistency. Paper’s basic component, pulp, also needs lime during the manufacturing stage.
  • Glass Making - Specific grades of limestone are essential for the packaging glass industry, for example to control the color of bottles or ceramics. Efficient fiberglass production depends on the use of high-purity quick lime.
  • Chemical Processes – Kimtas products support the production of many consumer goods such as soap, glue, sugar cubes, leather and more, specific lime purity and particle size distribution allow you to produce final products with confidence.

Metals and Mining markets

  • Refining metal ores and non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, gold, silver, and aluminum - Kimtas offers a customized range of lime solutions for processes such as pH control or buffering, direct chemical extraction of metals from ore, chemical refining, and control of the environmental impact of this sector.

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