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We’re always digging for that good stuff, both in nature and in people. We’re on the lookout for the potential that lies beneath the surface. For the ones who want to grow. The ones who set the bar high. The ones who work together. The ones who love to play as much as they like to work.

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Carmeuse started out as a small family-run business in Belgium. Today it’s a leading global producer of lime, high calcium limestone and dolomitic stone. Its products are essential to energy producers, environmental services, construction and manufacturing. Carmeuse products make the air cleaner and the water purer. They make highways last longer. They make steel stronger. And improve infrastructure around the world. With over 90 production facilities spread across almost every continent, and over 4,500 employees working at Carmeuse every day, the company’s most treasured resources are its people. After all those years of globalization and expansion, Carmeuse still feels like a close-knit, rock-solid family. It’s the achievement they’re the proudest of to this day.

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