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A worldwide family

How will you contribute? 

At Carmeuse, you’re part of a family that’s over 4,500 people strong. What we do all starts with limestone, it’s that simple. But the products and services you will help create with it are simply fascinating. You’re improving the everyday lives of those around you. You’re helping to build solutions that make our water and air cleaner. You’re helping the agriculture industry to grow and sustain the food we need. You’re helping to make the steel for our cars, computers and homes. You’re even helping to make buildings stronger and eco-friendlier and roads safer … all around the world. For industries. For communities. For life.

One worldwide community …

With co-workers operating at 90 facilities in 15 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, Carmeuse is a global organization with a family feel. Whether you’re working as a plant operator, miner, engineer, accountant, sales administrator or supply chain manager … you belong to a community that shares a strong set of common values. One that looks out for one another and invests in its people and their future.

… of creative problem solvers.

The market today is more challenging than ever and changing rapidly. At Carmeuse, we’re paving the road to the future with pragmatic, innovative, and skilled thinkers. With this comes incredible opportunities to demonstrate your talent, learn new skills and grow your competencies.

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