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Carmeuse Foundation

Carmeuse Foundation“Promote Education and Training for Children in Need”

Primary Focus for the Carmeuse Foundation:

Carmeuse is committed to providing financial and volunteering support to agencies whose  primary emphasis is helping underprivileged children in need with educational , training and mentoring opportunities.  

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Our  belief is that at-risk children will respond to positive interactions and will benefit from strong communities , involvement and support from our employees and agencies serving these children will be better served with our financial giving efforts.

The purpose of Carmeuse Foundation is to:

  • Ensure a long-lasting and trusting partnership with sponsored organizations
  • Reinforce the human aspect of our company internally and externally
  • Develop a sense of pride among employees
  • Enhance our  company values within our neighboring communities
  • Promote communication to create stronger bonds between our company and the community

For more information please contact:
Europe: Veronique Collinet - +32 10 48 16 00
North America: Helen Planchak - +1 412.995.5531

Carmeuse foundation - Europe



  • Current supports :
    • Romania : Drum Sigur ' Choose your Way) is a project through which Școala de Valori and Carmeuse help Romanian teenagers rediscover their innate potential, gain trust in their abilities and use said abilities to pave the way towards a future job.
    • Hungary : Health center for disabled children in Boly

      Health center for disabled children in Boly

    • Bosnia : Ozren primary school in Paklenica Donja : offer better access conditions to education, support computer training and improve the school infrastructure (repair the central heating system)

      Ozren primary school in Paklenica Donja Ozren primary school in Paklenica Donja

    • Serbia
    • Czech Rep.– Slovakia : projet not selected


  • Current support :  Balev in Izmir : student residence

    Student residence in Balev Student residence in Balev

    • Past supports : click here
      • Romania : Educational center Diaconia in Brasov : offering education services to 15 children in kindergarten

        Educational center Diaconia in Brasov


  • Romania :
    Lorena FELDER : +40 722 46 48 91
  • Bosnia, Serbia :
    Katarina TODOROVIC: + 381 648 22 41 14 
  • Hungary, Czech Rep., Slovakia :
    Lenka KIS-BODNAROVA : +421 58 78 62 217
  • Turkey :
    Arif ONCU : +90 232 463 80 42


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Carmeuse Foundation