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About Carmeuse Serbia

With over 150 years in business, Carmeuse is a leading producer of high calcium and dolomitic lime, chemical grade limestone and crushed limestone aggregate products that are a vital part of important industries in steel manufacturing, energy, environmental services, and construction.

“Jelen Do“ is a shareholding company dealing in production and trade of construction material, lying 25 kilometres away from Cacak, on the road to Pozega

The company was founded back in 1928, when the first production of lime was organised in improvised kilns. Twenty years later, after World War Two , a plant for the production of building stone and quick lime was established in 1948 by the military construction enterprise 'Ratko Mitrovic' from Belgrade. The monthly output of quick lime managed by ten lime kilns at that time was around 300 ton. In 1954, the field lime kilns were abolished, as the enterprise modernised it production by introducing new lime kilns and diesel-powered grinding machines. Eight years later, in 1962,  the company starts the construction of more modern lime kilns and a plant for lime hydration. At the end of 1970s, the ‘Jelen Do’ company was producing 6,000 tons of lime and stone aggregates on a daily level, which made it the largest producer in the former Yugoslavia, and the leader in terms of productivity and applicable technology. Only  a decade later, in 1989, ‘Jelen Do’ branched out of the ‘Ratko Mitrovic’ Construction Enterprise and continued its operation as an independent company.

Privatization of company occurred in 2003, with the auction sale in which the Nexe Group from Nasice in the Republic of Croatia  became the owner of 70% of the company capital. As of July 2013, Carmeuse SA has taken over ownership by purchase of 100% of shares when it became part of Carmeuse Group from Belgium.

In order to secure adequate and timely response to the expected market tendencies, i.e. anticipated increase in lime consumption on the one side, and also endeavouring to pursue its strategic mission of advancing the collaboration with industrial customers on the other side, as a means of expanding the share of industrial consumption in the total sales of lime, the ‘Jelen Do’ a.d. company has provided all the necessary licences and project documentation, erected and started a new ‘Maerz’ lime kiln, with a daily output of 350 tons of lime.            

As part of the investments, special attention has been paid to environmental protection, in line with the adopted long-term commitment of ‘Jelen Do’ a.d. Owing to the constant efforts, the working environment of all the employees has been upgraded to the required standards of security, occupational health and safety as well as the company’s commitment to further development in the forthcoming period in line with the ambitions and development plans of the Carmeuse Group is also a confirmation of the company’s commitment to invest in its employees, offering them an opportunity to work in highest-quality production conditions, deploying the most advanced equipment and supported by continual professional training and development, in accordance with the work process requirements and the new method of work organisation.  


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