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From building bricks to civil engineering marvels

Consistent quality and cost-control underpin the construction sector’s every step. Carmeuse has decades of expertise delivering consistent raw materials to achieve these goals. Besides a broad range of products for building materials in homes and offices, it offers solutions for civil engineering projects spanning road, rail, sea and airport infrastructures.

Across the world, notably in Europe, civil engineers are expanding transport networks and are busy with a host of other projects, whilst looking for engineered solutions in order to work efficiently and keep costs under control. Similar challenges face the building industry, which needs just-in-time access to consistent raw materials.

Carmeuse calls on its worldwide experience to deliver smart and sustainable solutions to the civil engineering sector. Its wide range of products includes: ViaCalco® lime solutions for soil treatment and stabilization of embankments; fine-sized limestone fillers are used in roofing membranes, carpets, bricks and dry mortar mixes; PremiaCal® , engineered fine limestone, for concrete; large-sized aggregates for embankments; armourstones for inland waterways and harbors; and ballast for railways. For the building sector, Carmeuse is your reliable partner making available products that are consistent and if necessary meeting Europeans standards or customers’ specifications. Well-established ranges for this industry include Enduria 500® and SuperCalco® , hydrated lime solutions for mortars, plasters and renders; quick lime in masonry elements as AAC and silicate bricks.


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