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Agriculture, food & feed

Supporting the food chain from farm to fork

Farmers across the planet rely on our solutions and expertise to improve through a reasonable agriculture the soil fertility, boost crop production and feed their animals. Carmeuse is also a leading supplier of products used in a comprehensive range of everyday food and drinks, not to mention sugar refining and fertilizer production.

When out shopping for food, it’s easy to forget the many challenges faced by this vital sector. They encompass everything from inputs for agricultural production to the disinfection of barns, and from animal feed to additives for human food, plus the processing of food or of biogas generated by organic waste and manure.

Backed by 30 years of agri-food experience, Carmeuse offers numerous products for this sector. They range from TerraCalco® for boosting or balancing soil fertility through to calcium and lime-based products for everything from animal feed to providing animal bedding or disinfecting barns, thanks to Optilit® family products. The company can provide quicklime, calcium carbonate and dolomite for industry sectors such as the production of sugar and fertilizers. It also advises farmers on optimizing production or food firms on developing new products, among them cheese, candy and ice cream through to soft drinks, beer, baby milk and food supplements.


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