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About Carmeuse Romania

With over 150 years in business, Carmeuse is a leading producer of high calcium and dolomitic lime, chemical grade limestone and crushed limestone aggregate products that are a vital part of important industries in steel manufacturing, energy, environmental services, and construction.

Carmeuse entered the Romanian market in 1999, by taking over Cedru Melon company in Campulung Muscel, followed by the acquisition of another three lime factories in the cities Brasov, Deva and Fieni. At the moment, only three of them are functional, Brasov becoming the headquarters for the company.

In 2007 the company acquired a 32ha limestone quarry, located in Pojoga, Hunedoara County which is a source of various types of limestone. So far, Carmeuse allocated 27 mil. euros for refurbishing the plants they have in Romania.

Last year Carmeuse reached the business level of 26 million euros and the estimated level for this year is the same. It is important to mention that even in these unfavourable conditions/given these precarious conditions our company has maintained their focus on the production facilities, on the environment and continued their efforts on inovation by marketing new products suitable for various applications. This materialized in continuous investments for optimizing the plant processes through a complex research-development  programme and as well  in the reducing the CO2 footprint of products and maintaing the environmental  protection installations in a very good state.

Carmeuse Romania has 170 employees, the great majority being technical personnel. In the last few years we focused on increasing the efficiency both from a technological point of view, as well as from a human resources perspective. We are looking for people who are driven and passionate about what they do. If you speak to our employees you will see that they are all different, but joint together by a common passion for success, quality, efficiency and respect for the environment. 

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