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Carmeuse Hungary Ltd.

The Beremend Carmeuse Lime plant is a jewel embedded in the Cement plant.

As in most parts of Central Europe, Hungarian lime and cement factories were established in the same place with a shared infrastructure to form one company.

However this changed after the new regime came in: the cement factories became the property of large cement industry groups and the lime factories of international lime industry groups.

This was how Carmeuse Hungária Kft became a member of the Carmeuse Group. As the subsidiary of an international group of companies, we had the opportunity to make lime a raw and auxiliary material used for purposes previously unknown in Hungary.

Among other things, this is why the transfer of technology and know-how from West to East accelerated.

Soil stabilisation and flue gas cleaning are good examples of this, only becoming well known in connection with lime in the middle of the last decade.

Research and development are essential for the group, helping it to secure new markets while also fitting in with the environment and the principles of sustainability. There is great emphasis on close collaboration and good relationships with universities and research institutes. There have also been a large number of both small and large investments, not only in efficiency but also in protecting the environment and security technology since the beginning of the last decade.

But of course every lime factory is unique within the group of companies. The specific feature of Beremend lime is basically defined by the extremely high calcium content of the raw material used and the impact of the carefully controlled technological process, which provides consistent quality even under extreme conditions.

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