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A pivotal product for publishers

Lime is an important commodity for the paper and pulp industry. It plays a leading role in several of manufacturing processes, including the control of paper quality and treatment of water left over from pulp production.

Paper-making requires large quantities of PCC or precipitated calcium carbonate in order to maximize paper’s whiteness, opacity and consistency. Paper’s basic component, pulp, also needs lime during the manufacturing stage.

Carmeuse offers a wide range of premium lime products for the paper and pulp industry, plus a capacity to conduct laboratory of semi-industrial trials. Its products generate PCC, a filler that affects paper’s final look, feel and printability. Lime also serves to regenerate the caustic soda from pulp-making, as a bleaching agent for pulp, and as an agent for cleaning up residual water from pulp production. Quick lime helps pulp-makers dissolve non-cellulose wood elements.

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