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Water & waste

Treating waste, delivering tap water

Water needs extensive treatment before it is safe for us to drink, whilst wastewater from our towns and cities, industry and agriculture must also be cleaned up. In both cases, lime-based products play a key role.

Converting natural water to drinking water involves a series of processes, from removing impurities and certain metals to post-treatment softening or mineralization. Discharges from wastewater – whether sewerage or generated by industry or farming – poses another major treatment challenge worldwide.

Carmeuse provides specialized products and processes for drinking water treatment. These may also be used in treating or purifying water/wastewater in industrial processes or wastewater and sludge from municipalities, as well as dealing with contaminated soils and polluted sites. Thanks to other company solutions in this sector, coal ashes and mineral waste can also be reused. In addition, Carmeuse offers full support and application services, such as expert consultancy and help with preparation of milk of lime.



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