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About Carmeuse Bosnia and Herzegovina

With over 150 years in business, Carmeuse is a leading producer of high calcium and dolomitic lime, chemical grade limestone and crushed limestone aggregate products that are a vital part of important industries in steel manufacturing, energy, environmental services, and construction.

”Fabrika kreca Carmeuse " company for production, processing and sale of lime and „Rudnik krečnjaka Carmeuse“company for production, processing and sale of limestone is located in Sevarlije, seven kilometers away from the town of Doboj. These Companies date back to the seventies of the last century when they collectively operated under the name „Rudnik krecnjaka i tvornica kreca“ and to-date they have gone through several phases of organizational changes and ownership structures.

A real breakthrough in the business development of these companies occurred in 2008 when these companies became part of the Carmeuse Group, a world-known and respected leader in the delivery of all types and products of limestone and lime. Investments in production capacities of both the quarry and the lime plant are constantly in progress, with the aim of increasing production of lime and limestone, in order to provide an adequate response to expected market growth trends of consumption of lime and limestone, which is fully in line with Carmeuse's ideology and strategic commitment to enhancing cooperation with industrial customers and increasing proportion of industrial consumption in total sales of lime and limestone.

Thanks to these investments "„Fabrika kreca Carmeuse“  and  „Rudnik krecnjaka Carmeuse“ strengthened its leading position in the production of lime and limestone in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and beyond that, according to capacity and technology at its disposal. Today both companies are of great importance both at local and regional level, and as evidence of successful business enterprises, “Fabrika kreca Carmeuse " in 2009 was rewarded and recognized by FIPA as the most successful "Joint Venture" in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Special attention is paid to environmental protection and the environment, work and safety protection.  We have adopted and we apply the European standards of quality and have ISO certification 9001: 2008 and 14001: 2004 which makes us very proud.

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