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Carbon Challenge

International awareness about climate change is ever rising. The European Union plans to drastically reduce CO2 emissions before 2050. Increasingly stringent regulations appear.

Carmeuse wants to play its part in finding practical solutions. The extracting sector is crucial for the economy of the countries where we are located. At the same time, CO2 emissions are chemically unavoidable in our industry: around 70% of the total CO2 emissions are so-called process emissions, originating from the decarbonisation of the limestone when it is transformed into lime. We have to take our responsibilities and find answers to prepare the future, in order to protect the environment and stay competitive.

Reducing CO2 in practice

First of all, in order to define actions, it is essential to measure our emissions: we have a thorough and precise carbon and energy monitoring system which allows benefiting from accurate and reliable information.
One action consists in reducing CO2 emissions that result from the combustion of fuels in the kilns. We have a program to equip our kilns to run on different kinds of fuels, especially alternative fuels where available.

We reduce our carbon footprint by using the best available technologies and maximizing our energy efficiency. Our Research and Development department is also working on several CO2-related projects.
Another action taken to reduce CO2 emissions consists in the development of products, applications and uses of our materials that have a lower carbon footprint.

Carmeuse dedicates substantial resources to face the carbon challenge in a proactive way. The entire company supports the measures that are put in place in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

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