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Case Study

Restoration of an agricultural area after exploitation of the stone

Creating a quality agricultural area after exploiting the stone is not a usual form of restoration. However, Carmeuse has created more than 10 hectares of high quality agricultural land in a part of its Aisemont quarry that was previously used to store tailings.
Carmeuse operates a limestone quarry covering about 150 hectares in Aisemont.
The land stripping, tailings and sand that cannot be recovered are backfilled in areas where the extraction is complete.

Quarry restauration in agricultural area - backfilling 

This was the case for 10 years in an area of twenty hectares on which several million cubic meters of tailings were stored.
Through collaboration with the Catholic University of Louvain, a finishing and recultivation technique was developed and transformed this backfill of tailings into an agricultural land as fertile as the surrounding agricultural land.

Quarry restauration in agricultural area - cultivation

This area is now cultivated by a local farmer who was able to recover the parcel of land which had been used for quarrying.

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