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Developing a new generation of Sustainability Champions

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Aiming at raising awareness of the children about environment, we have designed a creative program for the children from local communities – Sustainability Champions - which is implemented under Carmeuse Foundation, in the Balkans region.

The Sustainability Champions Program entails educational and creative workshops, as well as theatre plays on environment protection, and is open to all children of our employees, children from local primary schools and children in need. By the end of the program, children will have developed their knowledge about environment protection; their creativity, communication, and positive behaviors and attitude toward children in need; thus taking a big step toward becoming Sustainability Champions of the future!

The workshops, which started in the beginning of August, will be held every week till the end of October 2019. One workshop will be organized in each plant, so that the participants can visit the plant and learn how we take care about environment in our operations. During the workshops, they will learn about environment, importance of recycling, possibilities to reuse items; and they will practice and boost their creativity by making clothes, jewelry, bags, chairs, flower pots, decorations, etc. from recycled material, plastic bags, old paper, tiers. They will also learn how to make compost and plant their mini gardens. At the end of the workshops, children will be enouraged to propose activities they will do in the local community to help improve/protect environment (such as planting, cleaning a park, or alike).

The project was implemented in cooperation with a series of organizations: (1) Association for the Assistance to Children with Disabilities, (2) Center for personal growth and development “Ogledalo”  and (3) Social Services Centre of the municipality Lucani - Serbia; as well as with the Theatre Group Talija from Belgrade. The Theatre Group will also deliver one children play on environment protection per each location for all the children (open to the entire community), so as to raise awareness of children who are not participating in the project, and make a greater impact in the local community on the importance of preserving our planet.

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