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Bird protection

The exploitation of a quarry has impacts on the landscape´s topography. A new structure can generate areas of great biological value. In fact, a quarry is naturally colonized by various vegetal and animal species during and after extraction activities. It welcomes species whose natural habitats are threatened.


Several rare birds are present and carefully supervised in our quarries.

  • The Peregrine Falcon nests in the quarry of Seilles (Belgium) and is followed by a scientific institution.
  • The Eagle Owl has also found an appropriate environment in Seilles and other Belgian quarries. We estimate that between 10 to 15 young Eagle Owls dawn every year in all our Belgium properties. The total Belgian population is estimated at 80 nesting pairs, of which approximately 10% nest in Carmeuse sites.
  • A Bank Swallow’s colony has settled in a pile of crushed limestone in Frasnes (Belgium). In order to protect them, Carmeuse took advice from an ornithologist NGO. It was decided to build another pile outside the extraction area.
    The colony extended successfully with up to 260 couples. Every year, we restore this environment as the presence of a large and stable colony is extremely positive for the specie. Their natural breeding sites are verticalloose riverbanks which are increasingly scarce.

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